December 16, 2013

A busybody, could be anybody, working to keep up’
Good Golly Molly,
If there’s somebody, you know many probly,
working to keep up’
Here be sure and call me

Always something to do,
to your heart be true,
and right just got done, and you just had fun,
and so that you do
Now there’s something brand new, to look forward to—

Makin money, it’s like they rake in money,
it’s time to eat up,
they’ve all been hungry,
and it’s funny, by the way it’s funny
just prop your feet up,
and feelin lovely

Always something to do,
to your heart be true,
and right just got done, and you just had fun,
and so that you do
Now there’s something brand new, to look forward to—

It feels like ever since that first bright ray,
they’re up and they’ll be workin all the gosh durn day,
and they don’t gotta worry bout a thing to say,
just play and pray gray whatever comes our way!

A busybody, could be anybody, workin to keep up’



December 9, 2013

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The Time is Now

November 24, 2013

“Time will tell”
Some people ask for your attention then demand some retribution for your misapprehension, otherwise,
when we didn’t know if right was wrong or wrong was right, then just leave it up to intervention
“Got some time to kill”
I’ll wash some clothes, sweep the floor and be out the door to run another few errands 🙂 Otherwise
I’ll watch the tube, watch the news, sit back in this comfy chair and let the bad guys lose.
‘Time’ is jail
People doing time for crime and made to stew on a mistake that didn’t take that long, so don’t do wrong, no one wants to face that gong, think of all the good things that could be going on
Time for sleep, catch a wink, so let your dreams be merry and your peace be deep
and time will keep; that’s practically guaranteed
“Time is money”
So get that Rolex for your honey

What is time but a lifelong mystery?
What is time but the writ scrit history?
What is time but a habit in the mind’s design defined through the lines of the hickory?

The Mores of a Living God

November 9, 2013


“folkways of central importance accepted without question and embodying the fundamental moral views of a group”

chariot stage

October 28, 2013

They locked him away from his self,
like he needed some help 
So I put on my belt, and I step in my shoes 
Outside of my heart, where nothing is felt 
He’s got no one to blame, with nothing to lose 
So I ease off the reigns, and the pain of abuse 
On this chariot stage, and the thundering hooves 
In this game of charades, in a quaint well-lit room 
Where the happenstance fades, to the sound of good news

Did you really think? did you contemplate? 
Was it all for real? or just a great escape 
Did you really think, that you knew my name 
Were you trusting still? amongst the screwed-up tape 

And as the days turn to seconds in your eyes 
Will we surmise the truth?
forgetting all the lies we used to hide 
Wise, will we disguise the proof? omitting all the tries
went through to keep ourselves in stride 

Chime in, you’ll know where to begin,
and it won’t be a sin, oh 
Take heart, and you’ll know where to start,
and you won’t fall apart, oh 

So I ease off the reigns, and the pain of abuse 
On this chariot stage, and the thundering hooves

Eighty Proof

September 30, 2013

A long time ago in the land of the free, and the home of the brave,
Back when you knew that the church doors would be open, and seats were saved
When your sons and daughters made an honest living,
Everybody made it home for Thanksgiving,
Family and friends worked together like they always Do

Before satellite phones had internet access,
Before all those extracurricular classes,
Before you hated Mexicans for work that you won’t do,

Before there were wars for target practice,
Before your big stock market crashes,
Before your Chevy Avalanches,

I was just like You,
I was Tried, and True
I was ‘Eighty Proof’




September 30, 2013

Earth is just a home base, a million Oceans in outer space
It’s hard to leave this place, knowing I am still on the face
They say to know the way, though I go there every time I lay
With discommunique, hard to go back to things we used to say
And do, the truth, is always right to you, and me, complete, hot like lightning
The sky, is high, it once was free to fly, the night, arrived, how exciting

It hurts, to think, you’re just full of ink, it stings, to breathe, suffocating
You made your mind, it’s your piece of pie, you etched, a line, done deciding,

Worth is just a cheap phase, persona strolling on that stage,
It’s hard to estimate, whether I’ll be known for love or hate,
And in my lone estate, feel at home just knowing I relate,
With all I have to say, can I know my soul in spirit’s place
And be, to me, more than anarchy, and find, in time, more than chiming,
The sky, is high, asking myself why, so peace, arrived, us combining

It hurts, to blink, time can make you weak, your eyes, devised, lucid dreaming,
You laugh, inside, wronged a thousand times, and still, you stand,
full of meaning
Earth is just a home base, a million Oceans in ‘outer space’…

‘Built Ford Tough’

September 3, 2013

Hide your reasons, since you’re flinching, in a fair fight, you’d be winning, only slight was, heart was beating, and the pride keeps on defeating, beat you senseless, just kept swinging, my advantage, all I’m thinking, should remember, the true meaning, can’t conceive of not conceiting

Only end is win, wrong again is win, to the end is win, to the end of when..

Never pictured, prick is stinging, in the ring, just keeps on ringing, karma comes around, redeeming, how much wrought has ought been bringing, for the cause, it was as such, not for glory, nor for guts, didn’t know you’d hate that much, are you really that damn just

Only end is win, to the end is win, wrong again is win, to the end of when.. 

My friends, we are still black at the ends, my friends,      loyalty in faithfulness  My friends, when an old chapter ends, a new one begins, with my friends, loyalty in faithfulness

So what I’m asking, know what I’m telling you, you have a clean slate, have a knew new day, what I’m asking, No what I’m telling you, have a clean slate, have a new knew day, 

My friends, we are still black at the ends


September 3, 2013

she knows my heart like fluid art
not yet set from canvas hard
a work in progress, say the least
yes upwards towards a masterpiece
she as it dries steals slowly of,
for knowing it shall be complete
and when thou canst be sold for price
it lives, and breathes, and stands unique

Between Hear and There

July 14, 2013

Let us not easily dismiss the origin of the lovely blessings we feel in music.  For it is not likely the spastic consternation made of alternating static noise by manipulating oscillating knobs.  The mind that either powerfully stirs upon a divined moment in pure ecstasy, or the one who truly intends to honor the soundness of life itself, are often inspired to create from the symphony throughout our very species an astounding remembrance from an inner heart.  The grudged anguish in evil with which many intend to astound, and that we have all heard was lurking around, has reached our ear in one form or another.  But to really know an appreciation of a piece of music that doth call forth to save the soul and is simply instrumental to our developing grace, is indeed the glory of that most high sphere between hear and there.  

running away

June 27, 2013

Hard to live on nothing, knowing what’s around
Got to look to something, while you’re on the ground,
Asked before I thought, sought before I found,
Was on my way up to you, before I came down
Our memories make me glad, though my face just holds a frown,
You’d be happy to see me, now I feel more like a clown,
A living isn’t easy, but I thought that was renown,
Water flows so freely, but tears don’t make a sound,
And u knew we’d work it out
And u knew you’d turn it out
Here we are in battle, we’re fighting again,
you’re side of the story, jumps straight to ‘the end’,
now I’m feeling broken, no one to contend,
we both walk off stumbling, hoping to forget
and u knew we’d work it out
and u knew you’d turn it out
Who can I run to, without running away…
Where can I run to, without running away…
there’s never enough story, there’s never enough now,
there’s never enough glory, there’s never enough crowns
you gotta lay it down, lay it down, lay it down, lay it down,
you gotta lay it down, lay it down
you gotta drop it now, drop it now, you gotta lay- it –down–
Free to live and laugh, free to pay to pass, free to do the math, for a future we both have


June 27, 2013

peace, prosperity, generosity, security, favor, strength

Sonnet 1

June 11, 2013

A vast, expansive universe spreads cross the wide horizon.  The ocean blue is seen by many, viewed by ere an eye.  Bright strands of light burn from the sun, gracing water it shines on, And calm moon beams, the glow of stars, upon its surface lie.

These lovely waters impassion some, men sail the high seas.  They chose to live to yearn to ride the steady, breaking waves.  Adventure calls those born to go on Homer’s Odysseys’.  Waters free-flowing, ever ongoing, making men of slaves.

Others choose a different route to find their hearts’ inner bliss.  They delve into the ocean depths, and through her mysteries pore.  Diving, swimming, searching through the undiscovered abyss,  Longing to find miracles resting on the ocean floor.

As these proverbial thoughts reach some, while others choose to part,  Like oceanic waters, deep, are the words of a man’s heart.

Some people thrive on crap, Did you know that?
Just don’t overdo it 🙂

From a place of perfect calm, more than just walls, immortal halls,

Ive kept it close, we’ve kept it warm, we’ve made it strong, I’ve called it home,

There was a time when I was young, not yet to know,

That every day must have its night, part of the sun, where does it go,

And through those years you did provide, and kept my side, and let me grow,

To learn the meaning of these things, and see the stars, and feel the flow,

With every word you said was blessing, even when I thought it strange,

Went along with every stressing, and managed upon change,

In me will always be, the blessing of your grace,

And I will always remember, your faith, Yes I will always remember, your faith

And I will always remember, your faith,  I will always remember your faith


You made it known your love was for me, even though we’re born of shame,

And you would spend your last dime for me, to spare me from the pain,

If the world was held suppressing, the world it was to blame,

And as I returned from their pressing, I wrestled with our name,

and I was cried eyed, and wide eyed, to see we’re all the same,

And I will always remember, your faith, I will always remember, your faith,

Yes I will always remember, your faith

In me will always be, a lowly man of fame,

And I will always remember your faith

Dyson Development

May 6, 2013

So this will be the last trip ever.  Doubt it.  Once the initial meeting was solidified, there would be free reign in any of the Huangpu territories.  First the close, routine promises of compound interest and dividends for the gangs funds throughout China, then strict control of releases and a long leash.  Donald had always seen things his own way.  The money had become second nature to his drive for personal gain, yet the people he worked with were becoming unimportant in his ever-widening realization of profit.  His jaw tightened as he grasped the cut-glass bottle of whiskey and poured a double.  There was a buzz on the telephone in his mansion office.  ‘The report you requested sir’.  ‘Bring it to me’.  Within seconds the door swung to include a man holding the standard red file folder.  ‘We’ve earned nine million from the Lirocom opening this week and the shares are already up to almost a dollar each’, said the assistant excitedly.  ‘That’s fine’, he said with indignation for a process he had come to master.  ‘Increase the stakes on our Columbian resort and prepare a closeout of the market, now is this every detail of my Shanghai trip’.  ‘Yes sir’ was the reply, and the file folder was set on the desk, labeled with the distinction of Dyson Development.  ‘Nothing further’, said Dyson and he waited for solitude.  Second glass gone, he eased back into the leather chair to contemplate.  So the JingDogs had him set up in the Jin Mao Tower, the third tallest building in the world, where he would no doubt overlook all of Shanghai.  His dealings with them and their briefcase funds would be straight business, and after the close he would visit three destinations.  The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, where all type of exotic sea-life from around the world are displayed.  He would saunter through with the weight of an old shark.  As a guise for his development firm, he would visit the Urban Planning Exhibition Center, an astounding look at the future of real estate and city construction.  Finally, Yu Yuan in the Old Town near Nanshi might be a place to catch the breeze.  The buzz came unexpectedly.  ‘Sir we have some visitors, in Suburbans and Crown Victorias.  They got past gate security with a warrant.  Doesn’t look good’.  By the end of the evening Donald Dyson was ducked into an FBI SUV in handcuffs.  ‘We’re arresting you on charges of embezzlement, money laundering, and conspiracy with foreign criminals.  Looks like you’re taking your last vacation’.


April 27, 2013

@matty(mattysblogspot)  #”I’m pretending to be tweeting!”


April 21, 2013

I count my bills just like I count my meals 🙂

Go to the D, like GrantHills count steals,

Count my pills, just to try to even my levels,

Pardon me, I didn’t even mean to speak of the Devils,

speakin in treble, once had so much bass in my voice,

taste in my choice, back when i was makin a point,

make it a joint, effort, ain’t no I in team,

visine, na’ mean-, see clear through the smokescreen,

hope gene, something that is always there,

always fair, Lovin that we always bear,


So fuzzy wassy that he’s hungry for the honey, but it’s funny,

makin references to miss-steak, old bummy-


What do you really want for the money?

a g-man?, a hero?, a court case wonny?

a peace talk?, a bean stalk?, the opposite of nothing?

Gone’ bring it on, back to one and keep fronting 🙂


With the Knack

April 11, 2013

Shake off the dust of your travelers lust, anew rise for the sake of the dawn,

Hope we get back on the am of the track, be a cat with the knack to get home

Mountains and valleys and streams in between and the leaves of the trees,

will we sing to these things

Buildings and alleys, steel beams, siren screams what it brings,

will we cling to these things

From savior to neighbor reside from your labor and savor the flavor, of this time together,     anchor your boat and just float on the coast, as we fish for the souls on the water

Deciding to choose is like breaking the rules, there’s just some things that I had to honor

A chain of damn fools is like something to do, and right or wrong, I never lose

Stay on the move, we’re always in the groove, you found what is true and you kept it

Something to prove, know it tears me in two, just leave my heart right where I left it

From savior to neighbor reside from your labor and savor the flavor, of this time together,     anchor your boat and just float on the coast, as we fish for the souls on the water

Waffle House

April 9, 2013

Waffle House, the greatest diner of all time.  Whether you be an early riser or a late night binger, you can always rely on the steady service of just such an establishment.  Truth be told, I spend quite a lot of time here, even in the afternoons.  It is my favorite place.

I enjoy the freedom of the Waffle House for a number of reasons.  Mostly the number of refills you are freely allotted from the ever flowing pot of coffee.  Imitators beware; the Waffle House actually produces its own unique blend of pure dark coffee not available in stores.  ‘Ground fresh in our house’, the strong taste is warm and truly satisfying, able to drink black or enlivened with sugar and Maola creamers.  The first three cups help you wake up and feel clear headed, while all cups exceeding three produce an unknown medicinal effect not yet approved by the FDA.  This state of trance keeps most patrons seated and starry eyed, lucid, and practically guaranteed to return again.  No bother, who’s keeping count anyway?

The Waffle House I choose to frequent enjoys a variety of characters who also visit often.  These common customers relax here and all have at least one thing in common, smoking cigarettes.  You can be sure that there will be at least one cigarette lit at all times, and the recent smoke free policies in other states will probably clear this remote diner last.  You’re always welcome at Waffle House, and while some come to remember, some to forget, all sit comfortably under one roof.  There are those like Carl, a quietly unassuming man who settles down daily to absorb an ever-changing selection of maritime fiction and war history books.  Hugh keeps a constant tune while whistling away merrily and always responds to questions with a quick retort.  These are some of the regulars, who I can usually see there when I go.

Waffle House serves food too.  The grill stays hot and sizzles with eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, hash browns, chicken, or steak.  When you’re in need of a late night meal with your compatriots, there is always a full table that you can wait on.  Then you can sit down and get waited on.  Sloppy as a plate full of second grade, you don’t come here to count calories or watch your figure.  It’s just a meal full of filling food that will leave you feeling good.  And breakfast at 3 am just seems to make perfect sense in this day in age.  As a reminder, please don’t forget to tip your waitress.  They have to juggle your plates, your privacy, and get you out the door without breaking your concentration or the maximum seating capacity.

All in all, the Waffle House is the local restaurant of choice for most people you know.  We’ve probably all been there at least once, and we can depend on the operating standards that made her famous, even without the need for big advertising campaigns or discount coupon offers.      

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