running away

June 27, 2013

Hard to live on nothing, knowing what’s around
Got to look to something, while you’re on the ground,
Asked before I thought, sought before I found,
Was on my way up to you, before I came down
Our memories make me glad, though my face just holds a frown,
You’d be happy to see me, now I feel more like a clown,
A living isn’t easy, but I thought that was renown,
Water flows so freely, but tears don’t make a sound,
And u knew we’d work it out
And u knew you’d turn it out
Here we are in battle, we’re fighting again,
you’re side of the story, jumps straight to ‘the end’,
now I’m feeling broken, no one to contend,
we both walk off stumbling, hoping to forget
and u knew we’d work it out
and u knew you’d turn it out
Who can I run to, without running away…
Where can I run to, without running away…
there’s never enough story, there’s never enough now,
there’s never enough glory, there’s never enough crowns
you gotta lay it down, lay it down, lay it down, lay it down,
you gotta lay it down, lay it down
you gotta drop it now, drop it now, you gotta lay- it –down–
Free to live and laugh, free to pay to pass, free to do the math, for a future we both have



June 27, 2013

peace, prosperity, generosity, security, favor, strength

Sonnet 1

June 11, 2013

A vast, expansive universe spreads cross the wide horizon.  The ocean blue is seen by many, viewed by ere an eye.  Bright strands of light burn from the sun, gracing water it shines on, And calm moon beams, the glow of stars, upon its surface lie.

These lovely waters impassion some, men sail the high seas.  They chose to live to yearn to ride the steady, breaking waves.  Adventure calls those born to go on Homer’s Odysseys’.  Waters free-flowing, ever ongoing, making men of slaves.

Others choose a different route to find their hearts’ inner bliss.  They delve into the ocean depths, and through her mysteries pore.  Diving, swimming, searching through the undiscovered abyss,  Longing to find miracles resting on the ocean floor.

As these proverbial thoughts reach some, while others choose to part,  Like oceanic waters, deep, are the words of a man’s heart.

Some people thrive on crap, Did you know that?
Just don’t overdo it 🙂

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