April 27, 2013

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April 21, 2013

I count my bills just like I count my meals 🙂

Go to the D, like GrantHills count steals,

Count my pills, just to try to even my levels,

Pardon me, I didn’t even mean to speak of the Devils,

speakin in treble, once had so much bass in my voice,

taste in my choice, back when i was makin a point,

make it a joint, effort, ain’t no I in team,

visine, na’ mean-, see clear through the smokescreen,

hope gene, something that is always there,

always fair, Lovin that we always bear,


So fuzzy wassy that he’s hungry for the honey, but it’s funny,

makin references to miss-steak, old bummy-


What do you really want for the money?

a g-man?, a hero?, a court case wonny?

a peace talk?, a bean stalk?, the opposite of nothing?

Gone’ bring it on, back to one and keep fronting 🙂


With the Knack

April 11, 2013

Shake off the dust of your travelers lust, anew rise for the sake of the dawn,

Hope we get back on the am of the track, be a cat with the knack to get home

Mountains and valleys and streams in between and the leaves of the trees,

will we sing to these things

Buildings and alleys, steel beams, siren screams what it brings,

will we cling to these things

From savior to neighbor reside from your labor and savor the flavor, of this time together,     anchor your boat and just float on the coast, as we fish for the souls on the water

Deciding to choose is like breaking the rules, there’s just some things that I had to honor

A chain of damn fools is like something to do, and right or wrong, I never lose

Stay on the move, we’re always in the groove, you found what is true and you kept it

Something to prove, know it tears me in two, just leave my heart right where I left it

From savior to neighbor reside from your labor and savor the flavor, of this time together,     anchor your boat and just float on the coast, as we fish for the souls on the water

Waffle House

April 9, 2013

Waffle House, the greatest diner of all time.  Whether you be an early riser or a late night binger, you can always rely on the steady service of just such an establishment.  Truth be told, I spend quite a lot of time here, even in the afternoons.  It is my favorite place.

I enjoy the freedom of the Waffle House for a number of reasons.  Mostly the number of refills you are freely allotted from the ever flowing pot of coffee.  Imitators beware; the Waffle House actually produces its own unique blend of pure dark coffee not available in stores.  ‘Ground fresh in our house’, the strong taste is warm and truly satisfying, able to drink black or enlivened with sugar and Maola creamers.  The first three cups help you wake up and feel clear headed, while all cups exceeding three produce an unknown medicinal effect not yet approved by the FDA.  This state of trance keeps most patrons seated and starry eyed, lucid, and practically guaranteed to return again.  No bother, who’s keeping count anyway?

The Waffle House I choose to frequent enjoys a variety of characters who also visit often.  These common customers relax here and all have at least one thing in common, smoking cigarettes.  You can be sure that there will be at least one cigarette lit at all times, and the recent smoke free policies in other states will probably clear this remote diner last.  You’re always welcome at Waffle House, and while some come to remember, some to forget, all sit comfortably under one roof.  There are those like Carl, a quietly unassuming man who settles down daily to absorb an ever-changing selection of maritime fiction and war history books.  Hugh keeps a constant tune while whistling away merrily and always responds to questions with a quick retort.  These are some of the regulars, who I can usually see there when I go.

Waffle House serves food too.  The grill stays hot and sizzles with eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, hash browns, chicken, or steak.  When you’re in need of a late night meal with your compatriots, there is always a full table that you can wait on.  Then you can sit down and get waited on.  Sloppy as a plate full of second grade, you don’t come here to count calories or watch your figure.  It’s just a meal full of filling food that will leave you feeling good.  And breakfast at 3 am just seems to make perfect sense in this day in age.  As a reminder, please don’t forget to tip your waitress.  They have to juggle your plates, your privacy, and get you out the door without breaking your concentration or the maximum seating capacity.

All in all, the Waffle House is the local restaurant of choice for most people you know.  We’ve probably all been there at least once, and we can depend on the operating standards that made her famous, even without the need for big advertising campaigns or discount coupon offers.      

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