September 30, 2013

Earth is just a home base, a million Oceans in outer space
It’s hard to leave this place, knowing I am still on the face
They say to know the way, though I go there every time I lay
With discommunique, hard to go back to things we used to say
And do, the truth, is always right to you, and me, complete, hot like lightning
The sky, is high, it once was free to fly, the night, arrived, how exciting

It hurts, to think, you’re just full of ink, it stings, to breathe, suffocating
You made your mind, it’s your piece of pie, you etched, a line, done deciding,

Worth is just a cheap phase, persona strolling on that stage,
It’s hard to estimate, whether I’ll be known for love or hate,
And in my lone estate, feel at home just knowing I relate,
With all I have to say, can I know my soul in spirit’s place
And be, to me, more than anarchy, and find, in time, more than chiming,
The sky, is high, asking myself why, so peace, arrived, us combining

It hurts, to blink, time can make you weak, your eyes, devised, lucid dreaming,
You laugh, inside, wronged a thousand times, and still, you stand,
full of meaning
Earth is just a home base, a million Oceans in ‘outer space’…


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