Eighty Proof

September 30, 2013

A long time ago in the land of the free, and the home of the brave,
Back when you knew that the church doors would be open, and seats were saved
When your sons and daughters made an honest living,
Everybody made it home for Thanksgiving,
Family and friends worked together like they always Do

Before satellite phones had internet access,
Before all those extracurricular classes,
Before you hated Mexicans for work that you won’t do,

Before there were wars for target practice,
Before your big stock market crashes,
Before your Chevy Avalanches,

I was just like You,
I was Tried, and True
I was ‘Eighty Proof’





September 30, 2013

Earth is just a home base, a million Oceans in outer space
It’s hard to leave this place, knowing I am still on the face
They say to know the way, though I go there every time I lay
With discommunique, hard to go back to things we used to say
And do, the truth, is always right to you, and me, complete, hot like lightning
The sky, is high, it once was free to fly, the night, arrived, how exciting

It hurts, to think, you’re just full of ink, it stings, to breathe, suffocating
You made your mind, it’s your piece of pie, you etched, a line, done deciding,

Worth is just a cheap phase, persona strolling on that stage,
It’s hard to estimate, whether I’ll be known for love or hate,
And in my lone estate, feel at home just knowing I relate,
With all I have to say, can I know my soul in spirit’s place
And be, to me, more than anarchy, and find, in time, more than chiming,
The sky, is high, asking myself why, so peace, arrived, us combining

It hurts, to blink, time can make you weak, your eyes, devised, lucid dreaming,
You laugh, inside, wronged a thousand times, and still, you stand,
full of meaning
Earth is just a home base, a million Oceans in ‘outer space’…

‘Built Ford Tough’

September 3, 2013

Hide your reasons, since you’re flinching, in a fair fight, you’d be winning, only slight was, heart was beating, and the pride keeps on defeating, beat you senseless, just kept swinging, my advantage, all I’m thinking, should remember, the true meaning, can’t conceive of not conceiting

Only end is win, wrong again is win, to the end is win, to the end of when..

Never pictured, prick is stinging, in the ring, just keeps on ringing, karma comes around, redeeming, how much wrought has ought been bringing, for the cause, it was as such, not for glory, nor for guts, didn’t know you’d hate that much, are you really that damn just

Only end is win, to the end is win, wrong again is win, to the end of when.. 

My friends, we are still black at the ends, my friends,      loyalty in faithfulness  My friends, when an old chapter ends, a new one begins, with my friends, loyalty in faithfulness

So what I’m asking, know what I’m telling you, you have a clean slate, have a knew new day, what I’m asking, No what I’m telling you, have a clean slate, have a new knew day, 

My friends, we are still black at the ends


September 3, 2013

she knows my heart like fluid art
not yet set from canvas hard
a work in progress, say the least
yes upwards towards a masterpiece
she as it dries steals slowly of,
for knowing it shall be complete
and when thou canst be sold for price
it lives, and breathes, and stands unique

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