The Time is Now

November 24, 2013

“Time will tell”
Some people ask for your attention then demand some retribution for your misapprehension, otherwise,
when we didn’t know if right was wrong or wrong was right, then just leave it up to intervention
“Got some time to kill”
I’ll wash some clothes, sweep the floor and be out the door to run another few errands 🙂 Otherwise
I’ll watch the tube, watch the news, sit back in this comfy chair and let the bad guys lose.
‘Time’ is jail
People doing time for crime and made to stew on a mistake that didn’t take that long, so don’t do wrong, no one wants to face that gong, think of all the good things that could be going on
Time for sleep, catch a wink, so let your dreams be merry and your peace be deep
and time will keep; that’s practically guaranteed
“Time is money”
So get that Rolex for your honey

What is time but a lifelong mystery?
What is time but the writ scrit history?
What is time but a habit in the mind’s design defined through the lines of the hickory?


2 Responses to “The Time is Now”

  1. susielindau Says:

    Are these music lyrics? Love it!

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