April 21, 2013

I count my bills just like I count my meals 🙂

Go to the D, like GrantHills count steals,

Count my pills, just to try to even my levels,

Pardon me, I didn’t even mean to speak of the Devils,

speakin in treble, once had so much bass in my voice,

taste in my choice, back when i was makin a point,

make it a joint, effort, ain’t no I in team,

visine, na’ mean-, see clear through the smokescreen,

hope gene, something that is always there,

always fair, Lovin that we always bear,


So fuzzy wassy that he’s hungry for the honey, but it’s funny,

makin references to miss-steak, old bummy-


What do you really want for the money?

a g-man?, a hero?, a court case wonny?

a peace talk?, a bean stalk?, the opposite of nothing?

Gone’ bring it on, back to one and keep fronting 🙂



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