March 31, 2013

Talk about the weather, talk about the skies, talk about forever, do you have the time, talk about the seasons, talk about the life, talk about this evenin’, talk about tonight, and whoa o o o,
I can talk about your eyes, o,o,o,o talk about your rise
Thought I had forever, partnered in crime, send me away for the rest of my life, gave up on heaven, they say everything shall die, is there an adage that love can defy?
Store your eggs in seperate places, and don’t ever cry, earn every penny, the limit’s the sky, you’re wishes may come true, a lame horse should die, twice I’m a fool, and try try try, and everything must die

Or sing and swim and fly!!!! and take your good sweet time!!!! so everything won’t die


2 Responses to “Today”

  1. Hey I saw your blog on Susie’s blog was wondering if we could link. Check it out and get back to me.

    • Robbie! I claim to be one of few who can really regard your works for what they are, VAST, and filled with the things we need to remember. Looking forward to your book of prose. Thanks, Matty

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