Adjoining the Boring

March 28, 2013

Adjoining the boring, to bring an end to the story, to take you back to the source, that makes you wake in the morning, to try and live on the other side you mothers created, so we could really be really be relatively related, I mean I’m baron and mage, from cradle to stage, hearkens back to the life before the pen and the page, transcending anger and rage, and feelings of pain, to know your love in the center, in real life rearranged, its like molecular physics, microscopic experiments, really nothing new is it, you go to school everyday, and in the rhythms of wisdoms, the wealth, money and gain, I’m still here bringing a deep, known warmth to my veins.

So say Ho!, can’t stop me, say Dro, can’t stop me, say bro, blow, slow, mo, owe, can’t stop me, say tan, can’t stop me, no fan, can’t stop me, k-o, x-o, say Yo! can’t stop me, Let it go!, can’t stop me, On hold, can’t stop me, wait a day, week, month, year, fear, can’t stop me, No sleep, can’t stop me, no jeep, can’t stop me, we’ll be runnin round town yellin Peace!, can’t stop me


6 Responses to “Adjoining the Boring”

    • Thanks Scott. I read your blog Buddy, and don’t know where you live but bike riding might be a fun hobby for you if you don’t already.. Good intentions from you, hold on- I want to get back to you sometime later

  1. susielindau Says:

    Okay. So where’s the YouTube video that goes with this??? Love it!
    You are a new blogger. Let me give you a couple of tips. Add shares so readers can Tweet or FB your link.
    Bring over your link to my Use Me and Abuse Me Day blog party to meet some other bloggers!

    • I don’t have the tech savvy to make a youtube video 🙂 I know I agree with everyone else Susie, you are a wonderful advisor and it helps! Thanks for inviting me to Your Party, I’ve actually gotten some looks. ‘Now Followin’

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